Achieving Goals with the Mandalart Chart

Learn how to clearly set your goals and create detailed action plans using the Mandalart chart.

Hello everyone! Today, I want to talk about a topic I truly love. Do you also struggle with setting goals like I do? If so, the ‘Mandalart Chart’ that I’m about to introduce will be a great help.

What is the Mandalart Chart?

Many of you might have concerns about goal setting. “I don’t know how to set goals,” “I set goals, but they keep getting scattered.” You might have heard these stories often. I used to feel the same. But there’s a powerful tool that can solve all these concerns: the ‘Mandalart Chart.’

The Mandalart Chart is a table that systematically organizes core goals and the sub-goals needed to achieve them. This chart makes our goals visible at a glance. Did you know that Shohei Ohtani, a Major League Baseball player, used this chart in high school to achieve his goal of being the number one draft pick?

Shohei Ohtani Mandalart Chart

Ohtani set his ultimate goal of ‘being the number one draft pick’ in the center and then set sub-goals to achieve it, such as body conditioning, control, pitch quality, mental management, etc. He meticulously wrote down detailed actions to achieve these sub-goals. Similarly, the Mandalart Chart will greatly help you achieve your goals.

Why is the Mandalart Chart important?

Once, I had a failure in stock investment. If I had clearly organized my goals and detailed actions through the Mandalart Chart at that time, I probably wouldn’t have sold my stocks and could have continued with a successful investment. This chart is useful not only for stock investment but also for setting life goals.

What goals do you have? What actions are you taking to achieve those goals? The Mandalart Chart will clarify your goals and provide a path to achieve them.

How to create a Mandalart Chart

1. Drawing Out

The first step is to draw out your true goals. In a comfortable state, free from distractions, write down everything that comes to mind about yourself for 7 minutes. Likes, dislikes, personality, hobbies, etc.

2. Creating Goal Quadrants

The second step is to categorize what you drew out in the first step. Divide them into what you want to do, what you like, what you have to do, and what you don’t want to do.

3. Setting Priorities

The third step is to set priorities. Rank each item in order of importance. This process will help you clearly identify your true goals.

4. Creating the Mandalart Chart

The final step is to create the Mandalart Chart. Write the core goal in the center and the sub-goals and detailed action plans needed to achieve it around it. This will complete a concrete plan to achieve your goal.

Mandalart Chart

Try creating a Mandalart Chart yourself. Your goals will become clearer, and the process of moving towards those goals will become much easier.


The Mandalart Chart helps clarify your goals and create concrete action plans to achieve them. [Create your Mandalart Chart now]. The moment you take the first step towards your goal, your life will shine even brighter.

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