How to Live a Simpler and Higher Quality Life

Discover ways to simplify your complex daily life while maintaining a high quality of living.

We live in a complex world every day. We need to learn new digital devices, follow rapidly changing cultural trends, and maintain extensive social networks. However, these activities can disrupt our biological rhythms and accumulate fatigue. In the past, people lived a simple life of ‘sleeping when the sun sets and waking up at dawn.’ Civilization has made our lives convenient, but it has also produced stress and new diseases.

The American online media ‘Huffpost’ introduced ways to simplify your complex daily life while maintaining a high quality of living. Let’s take a look together.


“Don’t Rush Ahead”

Do you feel rushed every morning and tend to hurry through your daily tasks? In such cases, it’s important to maintain a relaxed attitude. Ironically, when you take it easy, you often get things done faster. When you rush, you’re more likely to make mistakes and mess things up. Don’t procrastinate on what you need to do today, but there’s no need to hurry through it.

“Forget the Trivial Things”

Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto proposed the ’80/20 rule.’ It means that 20% of the components account for 80% of the value or responsibility. If you focus on the trivial 80%, you will overlook the truly important parts. Focusing on the important 20% and eliminating trivial tasks brings effective results. Not dwelling on trivial matters reduces stress levels and improves quality of life.

“Take One Step at a Time”

Multitasking is a method of quickly handling many tasks at once. However, if this method doesn’t suit you, there’s no need to follow it. Finishing one task, feeling a sense of accomplishment, and then moving on to the next task can be less chaotic and more effective.


“Make Time to Spend with Loved Ones”

No matter how busy your daily life is, it’s important to spend time with your loved ones. If you neglect or become curt with your loved ones, you will feel that your life is hectic and tough. Taking time to talk with people you want to share your stories with provides comfort and mental ease.

“Stay Away from Negative People”

It’s good to stay close to people with a positive mindset. If you spend time with people who often complain and enjoy belittling others, you may also fall into negative thinking. Training yourself to think and speak positively is necessary.

“Eat Well and Stay Active”

Like a car runs well with a new engine and good fuel, the same goes for the human body. Eating healthy foods and staying active allows you to spend your day more energetically and joyfully than others. A healthy mind comes from a healthy body.




We have explored ways to live a simpler and higher quality life in a complex and chaotic world. These methods are all simple things you can practice in your daily life. Don’t rush ahead, don’t worry about trivial things, and take one step at a time. Value time with your loved ones and distance yourself from negative people. Eat well and stay active to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Now, let’s take steps toward a simpler and higher quality life.

Reference: Huffpost, “Ways to Simplify a Complicated Life”

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