Managing Workplace Stress with Burnout Self-Diagnosis

Identify the early signs of burnout and learn how to manage it.

“Is it just me?” If you find yourself contemplating quitting your job every day, you might be experiencing the early signs of burnout. In this article, we will explore the signs of burnout and discuss how to manage it.


10 Questions to Recognize Burnout

The stress experienced by workers in our country is among the highest in the world. Seoul Asan Medical Center provides a self-diagnostic tool to assess such stress. Check your current state with the 10 questions below. If you identify with five or more, you should be cautious of burnout.

  • 1. Do you feel physically or emotionally exhausted?
  • 2. Do you often have negative thoughts about your current job?
  • 3. Have you become indifferent to other people’s feelings compared to before?
  • 4. Do you get easily irritated by minor mistakes or problems of colleagues?
  • 5. Do you feel ignored or misunderstood by colleagues?
  • 6. Do you have no one to confide in?
  • 7. Do you feel you are not receiving proper treatment from others?
  • 8. Do you think you chose the wrong workplace?
  • 9. Do you feel your boss or organization is hindering your ability to perform?
  • 10. Do you have more work than you can handle?

Escape from the Stress of Company Dinners!

Company dinners are an inseparable part of Korean corporate culture. However, frequent dinners and excessive drinking can be a significant burden on both the mental and physical health of employees. While company dinners may be considered an extension of work, if they increase your stress, it’s better to find alternative methods. Efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle are necessary.

Ways to Relieve Stress

If stress is not properly relieved, changing jobs might not solve the problem. Refer to the methods below.

  • [Exercise:@] Regular exercise greatly helps in reducing stress.
  • [Conversation:@] Share your feelings through conversations with friends or family.
  • [Hobbies:@] Find a personal hobby. Even a small hobby can bring peace of mind.
  • [Regular sleep:@] Sufficient sleep is essential for mental health.
  • [Balanced diet:@] A balanced diet keeps both the body and mind healthy.


Burnout can happen to anyone. The important thing is to recognize your condition and learn how to manage it. Workplace stress is unavoidable, but you need the wisdom to handle it wisely. Maintain a positive mindset and manage your energy through healthy lifestyle habits. You deserve it.

Now, take time to take care of yourself. Your health is the most important.

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