Three Effective Methods for Marketers to Generate Fresh Content Ideas

Overcome content idea exhaustion with three methods: reading books from different fields, experiencing exhibitions/pop-ups, and conversing with strangers.

Continuously creating content often leads to the problem of idea exhaustion. Coming up with new ideas every day is not easy. But don’t worry! Here are three ways to easily get inspired in your daily life.

1. Reading Books from Different Fields

Do you hurriedly search for materials when ideas don’t come to mind? Creative ideas can often come from unexpected places. Reading books outside your field can expand your brain, which may be trapped in fixed ideas. Therefore, it’s important to occasionally engage with media from various fields in your daily life. When reading, don’t just read with your eyes; ask yourself questions. “What would I have done?” “Can I apply this to such a brand?” By developing this habit, you will be able to gain various insights and inspirations.

  • Reading books from different fields provides new perspectives.
  • Ask yourself, “What would I do in this situation?”
  • This can help you break away from fixed ideas and gain creative ideas.

2. Experiencing Exhibitions/Pop-ups with Your Senses

Art enhances creativity and inspiration, so enjoying cultural activities allows you to get inspired through your senses. Visiting your favorite café or exploring exhibitions and pop-up stores is not just leisure activities but also inspiration collection based on experiences. Becoming a customer yourself is a way to directly feel the interests and desired content and messages of customers.

I once thought, ‘The character is so cute that I don’t know what to do with it. I want to tear it apart.’ I was curious why I felt violent emotions when seeing something cute, so I looked it up and found the concept of ‘cute aggression.’ When we feel positive emotions, our brain induces the opposite emotion to balance it out. By applying this concept to goods marketing content, I was able to deliver unique information to users and gain empathy.

  • Art enhances creativity and inspiration.
  • Visit exhibitions or pop-up stores.
  • You can gain new ideas and insights.

3. Broadening Perspectives by Talking to Strangers

Conversations with people you frequently meet are meaningful, but talking to strangers can broaden your perspective and generate new ideas. The methods introduced earlier are ways to get inspired on your own. Conversations, however, involve interaction and knowledge sharing with the other person, which can lead to inspiration from the other person or the emergence of hidden inspirations within you. Even introverts who are shy can occasionally participate in offline meetings to come up with unique ideas.

  • Conversations with strangers provide new perspectives.
  • Talk to various people.
  • You can gain unique ideas.


We might be getting ideas and inspiration in our daily lives without realizing it. It’s just that we are not aware of it. From now on, try to think from a deeper perspective in your daily life and develop the habit of vividly recording the ideas that come to mind. I hope you can get inspired in your daily life.

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