Three Essential Habits to Keep You Looking Young

Three essential habits to maintain a youthful appearance: proper eating, avoiding late-night snacks, and reducing blue light exposure.

Maintaining a youthful appearance is everyone’s dream. Nowadays, as it becomes important to take care of both appearance and health, various methods to maintain a youthful appearance are gaining attention. Simply practicing the three habits introduced here can greatly help in maintaining youthfulness.

1. Proper Eating: The Secret to Slowing Aging

Did you know that consuming only 70-80% of the recommended daily calories is effective in slowing aging? This has been a subject of research since 1935. Proper eating naturally reduces weight, prevents obesity, and helps in slowing down aging. Obesity increases visceral fat, which triggers inflammatory responses in the body, eventually leading to chronic diseases and decreased bodily functions.

However, even when eating less, it’s important to ensure adequate intake of essential nutrients. A plant-based diet is beneficial, but it’s also crucial to pay attention to protein intake to maintain muscle mass.


2. Avoid Late-Night Snacks to Stay Young

Did you know that eating late at night accelerates aging? Regularly consuming late-night snacks not only leads to abdominal obesity but also forces the digestive system to work overnight, causing aging. American software entrepreneur Brian Johnson maintains his youthful appearance by avoiding late-night meals altogether. Simply avoiding late-night snacks can greatly help in preventing aging.

If it’s hard to avoid late-night snacks, try to finish all meals at least four hours before bedtime. This also helps in weight management.


3. Reduce Blue Light Exposure

For modern people accustomed to using smartphones and PCs, blue light is an unavoidable factor. Blue light negatively impacts the skin barrier and causes sleep deprivation, which accelerates aging. To minimize blue light exposure, reduce smartphone usage before bed and get plenty of sunlight during the day.

Lack of sleep disrupts circadian rhythms, increasing the secretion of the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ and decreasing the hormone ‘leptin’ that suppresses appetite. This can lead to obesity.



By practicing these three habits—proper eating, avoiding late-night snacks, and reducing blue light exposure—you can slow down aging and maintain a youthful appearance. Start now to live a young and healthy life! Small changes can bring significant results.

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