The True Definition of Success: The Paradox of Wealth and the Secret to Happiness

Exploring why financial success does not guarantee happiness and unveiling the secrets to true happiness.

Anyone dreams of success. But does financial success guarantee true happiness? Many people say no. Have you heard that being financially comfortable might seem to bring happiness, but in reality, it does not?


Financial success does not guarantee happiness

Have you ever struggled your whole life to achieve financial success? I have seen many such people. And by observing their lives, I realized one crucial thing. They quickly got used to the success they achieved with difficulty and constantly strived to gain more. But did they truly seem happy?

In fact, many people do not find happiness even after achieving financial success. Why is that? Because happiness has almost nothing to do with external circumstances. When you have more money, it initially feels good, but soon you get used to that joy and want more. This process is like a game. The bigger the reward, the harder it is to quit.

Is the winner of the game the only successful one?

We often think of the winner of the game as a successful person. If you are an athlete, you would think of the top athlete; if you are in business, you might think of Elon Musk. However, the true winners might be those who have completely left the game. They are above the game without even playing it.

People like Jerzy Gregorek are true success stories who do not need anyone else’s help. He is peaceful and healthy, and whether he earns a lot or a little money does not affect his mental state. Similarly, Buddha can be considered successful in that he completely left the game.

Happiness comes from tranquility

Where does happiness come from? In my experience, I believe happiness comes from tranquility. If both your inner and outer worlds are peaceful, it will ultimately lead to happiness. However, achieving tranquility is very difficult. Most people try to gain tranquility through warfare. Starting a business or resolving daily conflicts is also a kind of war.

True tranquility is always flowing and changing. People think they need to solve all external problems to achieve tranquility, but external problems are endless. The only way to achieve inner peace is to stop thinking about problems and focus on the present.


In conclusion

We all live dreaming of success. However, true success is not financial success or external rewards. True success is finding inner tranquility and focusing on the present. Happiness does not come from outside; it is within our hearts.

If you also want to find true success, focus on finding inner peace as much as pursuing financial goals. Even small changes can lead to great happiness.

Reference:, “Success does not earn happiness”

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