The Truth About Butter and Heart Health Revealed by a New Study

Explore the new research findings on how butter affects heart health and what choices to make for a healthy diet.

Is butter really bad for your heart health? Many people are still seeking a clear answer to this question. According to a new study, butter may not be as healthy as we once thought. In this article, we will explain why and provide advice on making heart-healthy choices.

Is Butter Really Bad?

A few years ago, butter was hailed as a great addition to any meal, even in your coffee. But is this butter craze really good for your health? The new study indicates that butter is not as heart-healthy as other dairy fats.


Study Findings

The study found that butter increases ApoB, a cholesterol-carrying protein that raises the risk of heart disease. Participants consumed either full-fat yogurt or low-fat yogurt with added butter. Both groups consumed the same amount of total fat and saturated fat, but the ApoB levels significantly increased in the butter group.

Comparison with Previous Studies

Previous studies have shown that not all fats are the same. For example, despite the differences in saturated fat, full-fat dairy does not increase cholesterol levels as much as low-fat dairy. However, butter has been found to raise LDL-C cholesterol more than other solid fats and oils.

Why Is Butter a Problem?

Researchers believe that the process of making butter destroys the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). This membrane, which is well-preserved in cheese and yogurt, helps in the absorption and metabolism of dairy fats.


Advice for Healthy Choices

This doesn’t mean you should never eat butter. But for a healthy diet, consider other options. Remember that the type of saturated fat you consume can significantly impact your blood and overall health.


To accurately assess your health, it is advisable to check your ApoB and LDL levels through a blood test.

Remember the new research findings that butter may not be good for heart health. Choosing other dairy options might be better for maintaining a healthy diet. Get your blood tested now to understand your health status and take the necessary steps. Small changes for a healthy life can make a big difference.

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